[Solved] the same visibility instruction is producing different results

Hi, I have 4 groups on a page, all at the same level.

The first one is set to be visible on page load, the other 3 are set to not be visible on page load.

I need to show and hide various parts in a bit of a dance, so I am using workflow to show and hide them, and to show / hide their contents. However, 2 of the groups seem to operate in the opposite way of the other two, hiding when instructed to be shown and vice versa.

What am I doing wrong?


Without seeing your app, no one can say what you’re doing wrong…

But don’t use show/hide actions for this type of thing… use custom states and conditions instead… it’s much cleaner and simpler.

Feel free to share a link to you editor if you want someone to be able to tell you what you’re actually doing wrong currently.

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Thanks for that, it is much more obedient now!

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