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[SOLVED] Transferring Actions from Click Action on Element to Slide Menu


I need some help. I created a number of actions using a workflow linked to an element. I would like to transfer these actions to a slidemenu without having to redo them all over gain. How can this be done?

To illustrate I have included an example

The element labelled “Perform Action” has a number of actions linked to it. I need to transfer those actions to the slidemenu "Option ‘perform action’.

Please assist.

Hello :slight_smile: I added this to your application, but here is how to do this with the slidebar:

In the workflow, select the “Elements --> A slide menu’s option is clicked” type of event:

And then you will add to the statement “and when This Slidebar’s Current Option is “Perform Action”” (Here you’d just type in the words Perform Action, or any option as it appears in your Slidebar’s property editor).

Then I copied the actions from the Perform Action Button workflow:

And pasted them to the Slidebar workflow:

Hi Faye,

Thank you for the response. Is there a way to copy the actions in bulk. Currently I have about 30 actions under 1 flow. I have 8 similar flows that I want to convert to the slide menu function.

Thanks and regards,


No prob :slight_smile: There is not a way to change the event type, and keep the actions at the moment. However, there may be a way to lessen the number of actions. Do all of the workflows just have the ‘show’ and ‘hide’ actions?

Yes they do, how did you know? :-). I also use animate…

I’ve done similar setups :wink: I think it may be easier to use custom states for this instead of show/hide, but it’s completely up to you of course. If you want to share a link to that editor I could create a clone page and show you the difference.

That would be very helpful thank you. Are you able to use the link i provided earlier and you could just show me there?

Sure :slight_smile: I’ll do that now

All set :slight_smile: So instead of using show/hide, I created a custom state on the page itself (clone2). Every element can have a custom state, and the page itself is considered an element (clone2 is our element here). For example, in the workflow after “Red Text is clicked”, you would go to Element Actions --> Set State --> Element: clone2 --> custom state: create custom state (State Name: Current View, Type: Text, List: No):

Here I entered the value “Red”, though it could be anything you’d like (ex: Red Group, Red Box; it’s like a label). Now that the custom state is created, we need to set up conditional formatting on the Red Group itself to make sure it is only visible when clone2’s Current View’s value is “Red” (and not visible when the value is not "Red). The conditional formatting for the red group will look like this:

And the process is the same for ‘When Green Text’ is clicked, except for the value in the workflow will be “Green” instead of “Red”:

And this is the green group’s conditional formatting:

Then you set the Red Group and Green Group to not be visible on page load, and this works in the same way show/hide actions would, but without so many actions considering the elements are only visible based on the most recent value of the custom state.


Excellent! This is brilliant. It will definitely sort out all the show – hide actions I have all over the place!! Thank you very much for your help!


No problem at all @phuthi! :blush: