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[SOLVED] User signs up with a wrong email. What to do?

User signs up with a wrong email. The User’s “email” field in Bubble’s DB is not editable. What to do, delete user and create a new one?

Yes right now we make that happen through the Update User’s credentials action, for safety reason. The idea being it’s better when a user changes the way he’s authenticated, we should check his password. So no good answer there, apart from deleting the user and create a new one. I’ll think about this though.

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Ok, I saw the action. The problem I see is the user needs to be logged to use it, if he lost the email or made a typo filling the sign up ([email protected], or [email protected]) - the confirmation email will go nowhere - he’ll never figure out by itself what happened.

Can you make the user double type their email? Or make them confirm/activate the account by email before they can access the app?

Google uses a 2nd email or phone to recover username, so I added a 2nd email to the signup (personal, besides work email), and I will try to add a update user credentials workflow in to the reset password pop up.

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