[Solved] Workflows dismissed and TEMPORARY BUG

Suddenly my Bubble editor isn’t showing workflows in some pages, even if I try to refresh the page.

Also, my app start showing this error message (in development mode and production mode):


Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!

Is Bubble facing some problem? I need help to solve this because my app users can’t work because of that temporary bug that I can’t debug.

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It’s not just you, I’m also experiencing the same behaviour right now. Also happened the other day, then went back to normal after some time.


I’m also experiencing the same behaviour right now. :no_mouth:

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I’m also experiencing this same problem. The main page has this error. The Workflows do not appear and it gives an error in the most important button, which is to save quotation.
The following message appears below.

Also not seeing workflows in my page

Voltou ao Normal!

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Same here

Are any of you using the ListPopper plugin? I feel that’s what I narrowed the issue down to, but yes alot of my workflows aren’t triggering properly.

This is actually a pretty MASSIVE issue (referring to Bubble’s workflows not working properly)

Ha ha, yeah… no. List Popper would not (and could not possibly) cause that, but thanks for using List Popper. (BTW, now that you’ve maligned my plugin: If you love it and have never contributed, and want to keep your karma clear… won’t you please consider doing so now? Thirsty plugin developers need your help here.)

It is well known that using but not supporting Karma-Ware plugins can lead to unfortunate events. For example, one “Juan C.” of Bogota, Colombia installed both List Shifter and List Popper into a Bubble project called “NoseBuddy” and used them successfully and happily until shortly thereafter he was tragically maimed in an event that the local papers said was “gang related”. But we all know what really happened.


Haha good to know it isn’t ListPopper cause I indeed love it!

I have contributed before so now that I have maligned your plugin, I’m guessing my net karma has been restored to a bountiful zero.

Hopefully no maims be happening


Thank you for your support, @bryan_333 … Do keep in mind that the spooky season is upon us and one can never be too careful. :wink: :skull: :jack_o_lantern:

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