Many things don't work anymore! Mayday

Today I can not work on Bubble projects;

  • Plugin tab is empty
  • Workflows: can’t add a new action to a workflow
  • Database: can not save a connected field form another table in the editor. (I can find the record, select it, but it won’t save)

That’s it for now, but it is a big problem to a lot of editors in Bubble.
Please Have a quick look at it Bubble!

Explained the 3 problems here in this video:


We’re ovah here, boi!

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Mayday is the right word right now.


Hi guys, who else is currently experiencing issues with workflows?..Adding new action precisely.

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This is the first time I experience such an outage. Does Bubble publish the urgent bug’s status somewhere?

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Submit a bug report:

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Apparently it’s effecting everyone but they say all is 100% fine on their status page? Hopefully Bubble will communicate the issue soon so we know what the cause is.

The status page is mostly triggered by their automated systems. When there’s someone online then the status page is updated manually…

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Ah yes, that makes sense.

See that: Plugins zone not working

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same issues

Yeah same here.

I hope that this issue be resolved quickly :sob:

@lakeman exactly the same issues! Workflows, plugin page, data change etc… All do not work!

Please refer to this thread.