Solving the Expanding RG

I thought I nailed it when I found a way to manage the size of a text box inside a repeating group. You can see how I solved this issue here:
Give repeating group cells their own scroll bar - Need help / Responsiveness - Bubble Forum

The problem I’m now running into seems to be that elements below this RG don’t know that the text and RG size have been managed and they position themselves on the page as if the long text boxes and expanded RG are still there. I’ve tried various positioning schemes to try and move the following elements up but this was a losing battle.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I can manage this white space between elements that I reduced in size using CSS?

After some wrangling I was able to move the elements up and below the top one by using CSS negative positioning such as:
“position: absolute;” and "top: -250px; "

This only works when the text fields all contain the same amount of text. One of my articles is shorter than the other so the negative positioning is based on the shortest one when it’s in cell 2 of the RG. This forces the lower elements to be that much higher than planned when the shortest article is in cell #1.

Can anyone offer alternatives that remove this uncertainty?

To make things even more difficult to understand, there’s a new wrinkle. I’m using List Shifter to cycle (or rotate) through a series of articles, right now just 3. If I shift left, the bottom element’s negative positioning is based on the size of the text in cell 2 of the RG, so when the short one is in cell 2, the the lower elements shift up too much…as long as I am shifting LEFT.

Once I start shifting right, the bottom elements all stay in place, relative, of course, to the size of the longest text.

It should be obvious that when my longest article is longer or shorter than the longest one I’m using now to set the negative positioning, then that negative positioning number of px’s is going to be wrong.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Here is a video showing the odd behavior with the list shifter.
Left shift vs right shift