Some questions on Bubble Storage

Hello all

I have a few questions that are probably noob questions on Bubble’s storage:

  1. Is the 10 Gb storage that is offered for the personal plan per month or per lifetime?
  2. Where do I go to access these files? Can I delete them manually?
  3. Does storage affect app speed?
  4. What is the security level of these files? In case I need to guarantee security and privacy of files to my users.

Thank you


  1. The storage is the maximum size of saved files in your app. So you can only have 10gb at any time with the personal plan. (You don’t get 10 gb more every month if that’s what you’re asking)
  2. In the data tab you’ll find your files in the “File Manager” tab
  3. The overall size of your storage should not affect your app speed. However, each file that you are loading for a user can affect app speed so be careful to keep file size as low as possible.
  4. I’d recommend setting up Privacy rules to make sure the correct users see the correct data.
  • Alex

Thanks Alex