Personal Plan 10GB - How efficient is this plan?

Hey Awesome Community,
It’s been more than a month since I started to explore Bubble.

I have been working on a platform for Digital Marketing Freshers. A platform that gives them access to curated Job opportunities, resources, & plenty of other stuffs.

I’m going live on May. I want to know if Personal plan is a good plan. What problem will I come across using it? Will the storage size be a problem?

I don’t give the users any ability to upload any files apart from uploading profile images.

What do you guys suggest? Please share your experience

Anybody? Somebody? Nobody?

Can any expert help me out with their insights on this? Please

(disclaimer, i’m founder of Bubble)

You can start with Personal and upgrade as you have more users or need professional plan features. Your users can upload any file, until the hosting limit, and then you can add more if needed.


Hey @sanjuujosephh,

I’d also recommend starting on a personal plan and scaling up from there as you need. (And I’m not a founder of Bubble :wink: )

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I think if you don’t have some really seriously heavy workflows then you should be fine. I would just give it a shot. The only time I see a slow down is with one of my very large apps that has super heavy workflows. Also, if you program your web app the right way you won’t have a problem. I have seen a few of them out there that have done a great job at minimizing the amount of workflows and using reusable elements that sped things up tremendously.

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@emmanuel @jacobgershkovich @J805 Thanks for the help guys :heart:

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