Somebody know how to set

my domain is already allocated.
I want emails sent to users to be sent as “

does somebody know how to do it?

You’ll have to set up Sendgrid in order to allow emails to be sent from your domain.

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i watched [Beginners Guide] to Sending Emails With Sendgrid - Work in Progress!.

and tried this,

but bubble text me error messeage.

Do you know why i got the error?

and iam curious that if i contract a rental server,
then set mydomain emai on a rental server.

will some error happen on my app??


Go to and set up Domain Authentication. Have a look here:
Helpful tip for authenticating Sendgrid *without* an admin email

And for your question about renting a server and still send emails from Bubble/Sendgrid:
This will still work fine!

thanks! codecompany

it worked!!

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