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Hello people!
I hope everyone is okay.

I am from Brazil and i need help with the application I’m creating.

My application is practically ready and my domain is already allocated, but I am not successful when it comes to email.

I want emails sent to users to be sent as “@ mydomain.com”, which is my application’s domain, but I also need to create a support page where users can send us an email.
I’m using Godaddy as a domain provider, but Bubble asks to integrate the email with Sendgrid, which in turn, asks to connect to Godaddy’s DNS some data, but I’m not successful with that.

I don’t know if I was able to be clear due to my English, but I wanted to change the sender of emails sent with Bubble and still create an email account with the domain to use as a support.

I’ve been for days without success, can someone help me with this? In advance, I appreciate any help or support.

Yes, this is possible. I have GoDaddy, and could set the SendGrid settings on GoDaddy. After you added the changes to the DNS, did SendGrid show you a verified status? With SendGrid, with each attempt, it changes the DNS settings. So every time you try again, you have to use the new SendGrid DNS settings (the older ones no longer work).

Instead of SendGrid, you can also try PostMark or SendInBlue, to avoid getting emails to hotmail/aol/outlook/live stuck in spam or blocked (but that’s a different issue, you will see it after you set up SendGrid).

What good news! I have been trying for days to connect Sendgrid to my domain through Godaddy’s DNS, but it is never verified, and with each attempt I change the data. Do you have any tips to give me? And if I link Sendgrid to Godaddy’s DNS can I create an email account on Godaddy without any problems? To serve as support. Anyway, thanks for the quick response, I didn’t find any of that content anywhere.

Yes, I have a support email hosted on GoDaddy and at the same time also can send emails from Bubble through SendGrid with an @mydomain.com email. Do you have screenshots of your GoDaddy DNS? I can take a look and see if something looks wrong

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Wow! Perfect! That’s exactly what I need, but I couldn’t get help anywhere! Thank you very much for guiding me through this. I took some prints and I’m sending you, I had to mask some information, but basically every time I insert the data that Sendgrid asks DNS on Godaddy, it never accepts, and I always copy and paste the codes correctly

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