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Sort and Chart data

Hello Friends,

I’m having a hard time sorting (bubble sort - he he) data and displaying in a graph. The data is stored in three separate columns… looks something like this:

So the end goal… is to have this data in a format that i’m able to use in a stacked bar graph. I’m using google charts (open to other ideas) to do this. The format is: [Date, sumCatagory1, sumCatagory2, sumCatagory3, sumCatagory4, sumCatagory5] or basically:

So for the data shown above the graph would look like this:

The farthest I’ve gotten is identifying how many unique elements there are in the date code… I did some ‘googling’ and saw that i can write some for loops etc… that can’t be the only way…can it ?

Thanks in advance

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