Sort every item by a field's related field


I have a table, User Traits, which has data I want to send in an HTML element to zingcharts to display in a chart.

The table looks like this-

  • User
  • Trait
  • Score

The Trait field is an option set “Traits”, with 5 records including a “Display Order” attribute (1-5) which I want to sort the data by so the Chart always displays the data in the same order. Each user has 5 rows in the table for each Trait, with a Score.

How can I do a search for, that returns something like this-

Do a Search for Traits, where User = Current User. The first 5 items’ Score, ordered by Traits Display Order

I don’t know how to do the ordering part.

Any help?


Traits Option Set-

Each Trait has a Display Order attribute (1-5)

User Trait table example -

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