Sort fields in Create/Change Thing form

I have two data types. Each has nearly 30 fields. Since I was new to Bubble I added fields in small groups so if I had a problem it was easy to backtrack. Now the Create and Change Thing forms in the workflow show the fields in the order I entered them. Is there any way I can get Bubble to sort the = entries on the form into alphabetical order so it would be easier to find a field?

If I understand your question correctly the answer is no (I gather that you are asking if Bubble can sort UI elements).

But the good news is that you can manually do it. Perhaps if the inputs have the same height you could use the “swap positions” command (select two inputs by clicking on them and keeping the shift key pressed … right click and select “swap positions”) to help make the work less strenuous.

Thanks for the reply. I discovered “less than” and “greater than” characters and the characters between are stripped on display which made my post unreadable.

To clarify:
There is a form that pops up when I click on a Create/Change step in the workflow. It allows me to update data type fields from UI form fields. I was asking if those steps that assign values to data type fields could be sorted rather than UI elements.

My workaround was to delete all the existing fields on the Create/Change form and click “Add all fields” at the bottom which adds them in alphabetical order then re-enter where the field values come from. Takes a bit of work to do this but it’s straightforward.

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