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Sort Repeating Grid by Location HELP

Hey guys totally need help. As the tittle says i want to sort a repeating grid by closest location to users geographic address using Bubbles built in GEO address feature. Would totally appreciate it and be so thankful for the help :slight_smile:

Make the Repeating Group data source = location variable (could easily create that in your database) for ex: location = geographic address. Now add a workflow when the page load or every 5 seconds, location = current geographic position. See, whenever the location has the geographic position, it’s going to pass it to your repeating group. I hope that helps!

Thank you so much dude!!! Really appreciated it :smiley:

You could also look at sorting the repeating Group, so in your search …click on Sort Fields…

You will of course need a Geographic Address but if you sort by that field, you will then get the relevant sort criteria.