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Urgent! Need help to sort a repeating group by 'Google Distance API Walking Distance' from Users Geographical Location!

Hi Guys,

I am unable to find a way to sort my repeating group of “Bars” by the “Walking Distance” of the users Geographical Location.

I have a homepage where they insert the location which gets sent to the searchResults page but at the moment I am only able to sort by distance ‘as the crow flies’ I want to change this to walking distance (as it dramtically alters the results.

I have the Google Distance Matrix API installed in Bubble and I can display the Walking Distance in the Repeating group - but unable to sort!

I’m sure its a very quick fix but could anyone urgently help me as I am so close to releasing my first Bubble App!! :slight_smile:

Screen shot below:

Have you tried something like this? when you see the word timezone treat it as destination address. its just the name of the data field i used…

Hi Jarrad,

Thanks for the response - I have set up the search similar to what you have got - however this doesn’t seem to be working.

I’ve looked at the Debugger and perhaps its because the “destination address’s” are being returned all at once?

Here is the screen shot:

Hi Robbie,
can you share a link to a public app? (you could replicate this repeating group on a separate page if you don’t want to expose your entire app)


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Hi Levon,

Sure. Its

Put in an addressin Dubai (i.e JBR dubai) - then search.

At the moment its sorted by the crow flies distance rather than the distance of walking/driving to the venue etc.