Sort Repeating group based on Sum/Total Result

Looking for help when it comes to sorting a Repeating Group. It’s a hard question to ask, so I’m going to try and explain it the best i can.

Okay, so i have a database with stats from players and all their games they played from each individual games.

So, for example:

Player X: He has played 4 games and in each he got 1 touchdown. Total = 4
Player Z: He has played 4 games and in each he got 2 touchdowns. Total = 8

I want to be able to sort the repeating group by that Total #. I am saving the data as a each individual players stats for each game. I am not sure how to do this.

There are 2 ways i can think of doing this:

Solution 1:
Store the total data in a separate data field and somehow calculate the data in the backend to display on the frontend.

Solution 2:
Store the data in external database (Google Sheets/Excel, Xano) and bring the data in through a API. Not looking to spend alot of money on High API request, as we bring in a good amount of traffic.

I really do need with this if anyone can help me find a solution!

Hi there, @1david2hot… if I understand your post correctly, storing the total in a field and calculating it when the data goes into the database seems like a slam dunk to me. Have you already tried that approach and it didn’t work for some reason?


I haven’t tried this yet cause the approach is what stopping me, I am not sure how-to store the data without creating a headache in the long run, i am not sure exactly how calculate the total in a workflow where it doesn’t mess with the data.

For Example, Let’s say a player has 3 touchdowns in game and accidental put 2 and click update, when i go back and change it to 3, i only want it to add 3 not 5 (Because it would have already added the 2 now im adding the 3)

Also i already have data in the database so i have to add previous data and then be able to add the new data. The only thing i can think of is to run a backend workflow for each line stat, which i have 1,904 entries to go through.

I hope this make sense lol

Maybe I’m just not getting it because updating a total when data is entered or changed should be quite easy. Oh, and updating 1,904 entries in bulk using a backend workflow should also be pretty easy. If you can share some screenshots of your set up, that might help… or I would be happy to help out by taking a look under the hood if you are willing to share a link to your editor (via a private message).

Okay sounds good i will shoot you a PM.

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