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Sorting repeating group by sum

Hey everyone!
I have been battling with this for more than a week and I am completely upset.
I am building a ranking. This ranking takes the data from a file that contains all the results (Players and Points):
I would like to create a repeating group which groups the players and then orders them by the sum of their points, so the final output would be:
Tom - 8
Peter - 5

Any ideas???
I am able of showing the sum of the points and the players, but I am not able of sorting by this number :frowning:

I struggled with a similar issue.
Created a custom state of type List of Players.
Added another field named “Total points” to the Players datatype. On page load,
Make changes to a list of Players,
Total points= Search for players: each items Points:sum.
Adding all Players to the Custom state “List of players”
Using this custom states list of players to Display in the Repeating group.

Thanks, I am going to try. I will ask you for more help if needed!!

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More ideas on this???

Hi guys. This is not so difficult…

My database:


My result:


In the rank repeating group:

Hope it help


Dude there is no words to thank you for this help…
So send me your paypal :rofl:

I am glad it helped! :joy:

Just giving back the help I also received here…
Pay in the future, as help for others :wink:

Thanks again mate…
Last question, how can I insert emojis like your picture?

Just copy and paste it in a text field :sweat_smile:

I use this site:

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