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Sort repeating group on map marker click

Is it possible to sort a repeating group when someone clicks on a map marker? I’d like the item to be shown at the top of the repeating group list when the corresponding map marker is clicked.

Data Types
Repeating Group (1 type) - Jobs
Map (3 data types) - Showings, Open Houses, Other
*I’m using the Google maps BDK plugin.

Display the marker id inside a state and use that as a reference for sorting the data

Hi, I know it’s been a while but trying my luck here :wink:
I don’t get how the marker ID would help with showing the clicked marker first… :thinking:
IDs are fixed and predetermined, no ? Or did I miss anything ?
Thanks !

@cdp2231 hi!

Did you manage to do it?
I think I am trying to do the same as you but can’t get it to work.


Hey it’s been awhile since I worked on this, but I ended up doing a temporary solution in which the Repeating Group list updates to only show the map markers that are visible on the map. So when the user zooms in/out, the list updates accordingly. I figured this would be a short term solution while I continue to build the rest of the site functionality.
(I plan on revisiting the suggestion from NoCodeVenture on displaying the marker id inside state to reference that particular cell/pin, but haven’t had time to do that yet.)

My current process is as follows:
(Using Google Maps BDK plugin)
Create Workflow > When ‘Element’ ‘google map bdk map bounds are changed’ > Display List Element = [select your repeating group] and Data Source = This ‘googlemap bdk’s markers’ VISIBLE MARKERS

This will update your repeating group to show only the visible markers on the map.

Just as fyi, I also have a separate workflow to ‘pan to the location’ of the map marker when it’s clicked.

I’ll update the post if I can accomplish the intended goal using the process NoCodeVenture has suggested.


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