Sort Users Options based on ratings

I am building a site that rates golf instructors. I am hoping to show the users the top teachers sorted by rating.

Can someone show me how to create a list of the top results in the database for rating (for example)? I would like to have them click on a “top teachers” category and it would sort the highest rated teachers to lowest rated teachers.

Here is the site preview:, hopefully for some more context.

Thank you!

I’d have a repeating group with the type of “Users”.
sorted by rating.

And that should do it! where are you running into issues?

(on your page Listing-category, that repeating group is the one you want to have sorted by rating. So you could do something like in that workflow where you send the user to the listing category you could also send a parameter in the URL like top_teachers=yes.
Then have a conditional in that repeating group that says if get from URL top_teachers = yes Then have the Data source be do a search for users .... and have this sorted by rating.

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