How to sort a Repeating Group by dependent Field

Hi All. I know this must be easy, but I’ve searched for answers and tried multiple ways but can’t get this to work.

Simply, I have a Repeating Group of Users. I can sort on every field I want, except I have a dropdown list for “User Type” which is a field that is linked to another table which contains the user types.

When I set up my workflow for the sort button (like all the others), and try to Display List and choose my “Sort By” field, this “User Type” field isn’t listed like the rest (see attached screen shot). Seems like the only fields shown are those direct to the “User” Data Type, not anything that has is linked to another Type.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

You can’t sort on dependent fields like that.

But what you can do is turn the query round, search for User Types, then show Users within that. If you have a list of Users of that type on the table it makes it easier.

@NigelG, thanks for the reply. Just to be sure we are saying the same thing…

I’ve attached a screenshot of my Data Type “Contacts” (my users).

So, just because I am referencing this field “Contact Type” to a different table, I a.) CAN show the field in a repeating group, but b.) CANNOT sort by that field?

As always, I appreciate the support.




If you have a list of Users on the User Type, then you can list out the user types, sorted, with all their users…