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I have a “notes” feature that I’m building. It’s part of my admin abilities. Basically, you type a note into the multi-line input field. When you press the “post” button, it shows below in a repeating group. I want the most recent note entered to appear first in the repeating group, in sequential order. Right now it defaults as appearing at the bottom of the list…

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance…

Sort by Creation Date, descending = “yes”. You afraid to click the button or something? :thinking:


Or by modified date or whatever.

I’m sorry, but I’m still not seeing an option for creation date or modify date. I don’t know why I can’t figure this out. Maybe I’m doing something else wrong.

It’s being stored in the “Users” portion of the data base with a type name of “Notes”. When I am signed in as admin and make a note, this is the workflow.


As you can see the date and it’s format is posted as text with the “note”. Maybe there is a better way to do this, so it will give me the ability to order it by newest posted first?

You would be better to change your data structure and have notes as a thing rather than just a text.
Then you can even track user
Go to the database and create new thing
note_text text

Then add NOTES to your user

Change the workflow to
modify user->NOTES
note_text=whatever you want

Change the repeating group to display
Current user->NOTES sorted by creation date
Set the text box in your repeating group to note_text

In the long run you will see this is a better way to do it

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All things have a created and modified date. You’ll find those toward the bottom of the menu (like down where you find thing’s unique ID…)

Here is the bottom of the list

Hey Chad, I suspect your solution will be the solution I’m seeking. I’ve never done what you’re saying, so hopefully I do it correctly.

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