Sorting by "Added date" on the horizontal repeating group of the current user's "List of Things"

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I have a list of things on the user field. I need to display this list on horizontal repeating group and sort it by the date that the user added the thing to the user field.

> The requirement is Newly added should be in the first place of the list

How should I do this?

Basically, I try to use Reverse RG Plugin which mostly use with chat UI development, It’s seem works with only vertical Repeating group.

Thanks for you help :smiling_face:

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If I understand you correctly, you don’t need a plugin for that. You can just sort by the creation date and descending will be yes. This will make the recently created ones on top. And it shouldn’t matter if the RG is horizontal or vertical.

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I apologize if my post is a bit confusing.

Because I have and List of Things Field place in the User Datatype. and In the front-end, RG’s data source is Current User’s Things.

If I sorted by Things’s creation date, It’ll be sort by Thing’s creation date, not the date that Things was added to the list on the User Field.

So the thing created before it is added to the user’s list. I see. I don’t think there is a special date stored somewhere when a thing is added to a list of things. You need to create one yourself if this added date is important to you.

If each thing can only be in one user’s list, you can simply add another date to the thing like added date. However, if the thing can be in multiple user’s list, you should probably create another data type with this thing in it + a date. And the user will have a list of this new data type.

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Yes I’ve just figured it out as well, That’s it !

Thanks you so much for you help, Hergin