Sorting a list backwards

Anyone know a way to sort a field list of texts from last to first in a RG?

im kinda new here but i will take a stab… sorting alphabetically would be easy, im guessing you would want descending set to “yes”. if alphabetical doesnt work for your needs, perhaps creating a new field (textID) to run the sort on.


Alphabetical would not work as these are comments and I would like the newest one to show at the top of the RG.

Also trying not to have a separate field for these comments to avoid thousands of lines being created in that one field in the data.

Each field will have a field list comments.

I think the easiest thing is to create a data type for Comment and then under the parent Thing (let’s say it’s “Post”), you’d have 1 field called “List of Comments” which is a Comment type and a list.

Every time a user adds a comment a new Comment Thing is created and you update the Post’s List of Comments to add the result of that previous step.

Since each comment now has its own timestamp (and creator btw), you can sort the List of Comments by Creation Date.

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Thank you for replying Gaby that’s kinda what i did only I made it a text and not a list, so bubble data will just create a new line for every comment? Don’t know if that’ll slow me down eventually.

I haven’t been able to utilize that way of creating data (making a field type a data type) always got errors.

Once I get this app launched I can settle down a bit and look into other possible more efficient ways of using of the data properties.

Maybe I should post an idea, read list from bottom up or read last to first.

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