Sorting Bubble Table filled with data from external API

Hi all - I’m using a Bubble Table to display information I’m fetching from an external API (our Airtable master database).

Situation and problem:

  • The data source is Airtable:owner_requirer_join (the name of the relevant table)
  • I’d like to sort on the owner_name field, which is in that table (and is displayed in the Bubble table)
  • However, for some reason, only two fields are displayed as sort options: owner_requirer_join_id and date_of_join; no other fields are displayed. See screenshot below

That is despite all the relevant fields being initialized.

Any advice on why this may be happening, and what can be done? Thank you!

Try to re initalize your call and set owner_name as text (warning : reinitialize can break things)
My best practice is to first duplicate your api call to test if it works like this you don’t break anything

No dice - reinitialized and it was set as text, so still not showing up

can you show the mapping popup when you reintialize ?

Here you go:

that’s strange, I suggest to send a bug report (and get back there to tell us what they said?)

I wonder if it could be because the owner_name and owner_email are lookup fields in airtable, even though I have initialized them in bubble as text fields. Whereas the two fields that do show up as sort options are native to the table I’m pulling the data from. If so it’s a bug in their API system, I’ll report.

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Just submitted a bug report, they’re looking into it!

You’ll tell !