Sorting Grouped Data in a Repeating group doesn't work

Hi everyone !

I have an issue in one of my repeating group :
I have a Data Type called “Request”
Each of those Request have an ID called “Generation ID”. Some of those Requests share the same “Generation ID” because they represent the different iterations of a same “Request”.

  • I want the main Repeating group (that we can call “Repeating group 1”) to sort the “grouped request” by Created Date but for some reason the sorting is not working

To be a bit clearer I have Repeating Group 1 where I search for Request and group them by “Generation ID” => I want this Repeating Group to sort the request “grouped” by created date.
I use the sorting option that normally works perfectly well but this time the data are not sorted at all.

I’m probably missing something here, does anyone could help me ?

Thank you very much ! Have a great Day

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Hello @henri

I know it may not be pleasant for you, but for a quick and better solution to these types of issues, it is better to have access to the editor so that I can check where the problem may come from!?

If you want, you can message it to me so that I can check it as soon as possible.

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