Sorting List by Intersect of Two Lists

I have a Repeating Group with a List of People.

People have Interests: basketball, sudoku, painting, etc.

You can search for People by adding Interests to your Search (Search is a data type that gets created and modified while you search).

Let’s say two People have following interests:

  • John:
    • soccer
    • movies
    • cooking
    • drawing
  • Jane:
    • movies
    • Justin Bieber
    • painting

When a Current User searches, and adds Interests (movies, painting, tiny homes), I will show both John and Jane in the results, as they both have “movies”. John will be a 33% match, Jane will be a 67% match (as they match 1/3 and 2/3 interests searched respectively).

I need to sort the RG by percentage of match, or by Intersect of People’s Interests (list of Interest) with Search’s Interests (list of Interest).

List Shifter could possible do this, but I am struggling to set up a workflow for it. Has anyone done this? Any resources, video, write ups on this topic?

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