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Sorting repeating group by a Field

I have created a repeating group that is populated with data from a Thing called “Qualifications” but it won’t allow me to sort by one of the fields.

Within “Qualifications” I have a field for “Type”.
Type is controlled by an option set (Certification, Degree, Masters, etc).
When a user adds a qualification they have a dropdown menu to select the type of qualification.

In my repeating group I would like to be able to arrange by Type but it won’t allow me to.
I can sort by all the fields except the two fields that are controlled by option sets.

If I sort by a dropdown list, and then select “Type”, my entire repeating group goes blank.

Can anyone explain why this is not compatible and perhaps suggest the most efficient workaround for this?

Explore search for things:filtered

Thanks for your reply @cmarchan.
Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me.
It still only shows the Thing’s fields that are not populated from option sets.

:filtered and then advanced filter and then this things options set

Sorry, I’m still lost.

I added the advanced filter, but I can’t find the Type.

If I did an advanced search for this things option set, would that not return the list of Types (Certification, Degree, Masters, etc.)?

I have a dropdown button “Sort by” which has the options, Title, Type, Expiry date.
I was using ‘Change which field’ with my sort dropdown as the dynamic field name.

Unfortunately, once I select “Type” from the dropdown, the RG is blank.


My bad before.

One way would be to create a simultaneous text field where you save to a text the same wording that the options set uses. This for sorting purposes.

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