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Show next - Repeating groups - Messaging

let’s say i want to show only 2 messages at a conversation at a time, and want the most recent one to be shown at the bottom (like every simple messaging app today).
so i built a rep group of fixed 2 cells, and put it to “sort by modification date” & descending “no”, and when the user clicks “send” i tried every option in the workflow (show last/show next/clear list) and couldn’t managed to make it work after the first 2 messages.

Can someone help?


Move the sort order into the parent group data source where you are first generating the message list.

Set it in the criteria pane of the Do Search for.

hi, thanks.
still, no matter what i do it works only for the first 2 messages :frowning:

seems like the rep group stops updating

Hey found the problem - i did the condition to work “just once” instead of “everytime”!
@DaveA thanks for your will to help!


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