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Repeating Group Sorting issue

I have a database which has datatypes of game, player_name, and vote_total

I have a repeating group that searches all games, groups by player_name and aggregates the vote_total.

I then want to sort by the vote_total so I can see who has the most votes across all games.

for some reason i cannot seem to get it to work as it just shows the players (seemingly in the order they were created in the database)

any help or advice would be appreciated.

I replicated your use case and I can’t get the sort to work, either. Maybe it’s a sorting bug related to groupings/aggregations? If nobody responds with a solution, it might be worth filing a bug report so Bubble can fix the bug or let us know what we are doing wrong.


Just came across this thread… may be related… sounds like a bug report is the way to go.

After searching what I thought was everything before posting my question, I also saw that thread late last night and it certainly looks like exactly the same problem.

I’ve changed the topic to bugs.

Is there another way to log it with bubble?

I included a link to the bug report form in my response above… check that out.


It looks like this bug has been sorted but now I have a seperate issue.

I want to export the grouped and sorted repeating group to a json file.

I have successfully done this using the Thing(s) to json plugin on other repeating groups but when I do it to this RG all I get is ‘null’ values for each row.

any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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