Sorting RG with linked data types

I have repeating group which I am trying to sort . I can sort it by Patient Name, Priority and Due Date but not by clinic name or job type which are linked via the db as you can see. How can I sort these?

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Advance filter by using the :filtered operator, although that is not an optimized approach to sorting/filtering as the operator requires the users devices computing power to filter rather than having the filter constraints on the search itself allowing the server computing power to perform the sort/filter.

You can always have the related data field for the purpose served of accessing all fields when necessary (and rarely if ever is that the case in a search result), so you could also have a field that is the text version of the related types field you wish to sort/filter or display in the search results. Add to the Patient Name a field for Clinic Name and Job Type as text, then you can sort/filter by them without needing the Advanced filter.

In terms of sorting, not 100% sure if there is an approach in which using the “change which field” selection from the sort options so you can use the related types fields rather than the data type of Patient, but if not, you can still sort using the approach of having the text based fields just for the sort/filter features.

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