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Sorting Values on Repeating

Ok quick noob question.

I have four priorities for tasks. These priorities are chosen by a dropdown box.


I have a repeating group of tasks which I want to sort by priority level as seen above. How would I go about doing this?

On the conditional tab of a repeating group you can set a condition and then have it change the data source. In my case I have a custom state on the group that changes when each drop down item is selected. You can then set a data source condition for each priority.

How would this look. I am getting red errors when I try to do this.

A few suggestions…

  1. Store the priority as “1 - Critical”, “2 - High” then sort on that.

  2. Store the priority as a number, and then programtically translate to your text.

  3. Store these as a Data Type, with values. Then display the “name”.

So …

Data Type : Priority.

Priority (Number), Text (Text).

1, “Critical”
2 : “High”

On your Task you have Priority (field type Priority). Have a dynamic dropdown pulling back Priority.

Then sort by Task’s Priority’s number. But you display Task’s Priority’s Text.


Option 1 worked great. Seemed the easiest path forward.


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