Sorting Repeating Group based on parameter from different table

I have 3 tables.
1st table SALESOURCE-TYPE showing the types of sales retail, wholesale, advertising

2nd table is the names of our customers and what type of sale it is either retail, wholesale or Advertising

Now, i want to create a repeating group based on SalesourceType priority of the order’s Salesource name.

So the table 3 (red) should be looking after sorting as

  1. 78599
  2. 78600
  3. 78598
  4. 78601

I can create a new filed inside table ORDER-TABLE and record the salesourcetypepriority when the order is received. However is there a way of obtaining the SalecourceTypePriority of the SalesourceName on table 3 and use it for sorting the repeating group?

I don’t think sorting by a field in another table is directly supported yet. What you should be able to do is add a RG for SalesSourceType and sort it by priority. Do not add any fields to it.

Inside the first cell of this RG, add another RG for Orders and set its data source to be a search of Orders where the source name’s salessourcetype is the current cell’s SalesSourceType. You can set this second RG by order date or whatever you like.

I hope this makes sense. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time right now to create an example.

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