Specifying list data in response data when using API connecter

When I look at the response data using API Connecter, there is no field called FIELDS in the items, but when I look at the row data, FIELDS is present.

I want to specify this field in the workflow, but it does not appear in the fields and I am struggling.

Is there any solution to this?

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There’s an object called fields that contains most of the payload. So the API Start with the object to the data. For example, to access boundingbox list, you will need to use fields.idnumber.boundingbox

What should I do if I want to specify all data related to fields as a single list type data?

The reason why you want to call API1 with a POST and specify the list type data ‘fields’ in the returned response data is that you need to POST the ‘fields’ returned from API1 as list type data when you call API2, the next step of API1.

Fields is not a list. There’s list inside the fields object (boundingbox for example). But fields itself is not a list. I’m not sure which API you use and which endpoint you are calling so it will be hard to help you.

Thank you.

I will contact the API publisher once.

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