Bubble slow today?

Hi. Is Bubble slow or non-responsive today? I am experiencing severely slow speed, non-responsive RG lookups at present. Even app data view and database search is not giving the correct search results when I have updated database thing. Location: Sydney


Hi. I have the same problem since yesterday. For some reason, a few repeating groups now take 30 or more seconds to load, compared to 1s, which was the usual load time. However, for some reason, it happens only with a few RG, not all of them.

8-9 hours ago it seems to have resolved itself. The problem has returned again today.

The pages with problems all have repeating groups.

For pages with complex workflows, I also get this error message:

My connection to other websites are all fast and good.

Editor is almost unusable again!!! But yes it is slow!

For me it is also the Preview.

I am having issues as well. extremely slow workflows, and slow-loading repeating groups and wrong data

I am having performance issues as well. Both the production site and the editor are EXTREMELY slow today

Also having difficulty using the application today. Many timeouts in editor has made today very unproductive.

Yep very slow on the editor and the live version of the app. status.bubble.io says nothing is wrong… This is really disappointing.

Hi all,

File a bug report at bubble.io/bug_report so @Bubble can investigate!

I’m not seeing any issues on my end :sweat_smile:

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Hey All -

Sam here, with Bubble support. We’ve received a few bug reports about this issue, and we’re looking through our logs to determine what could have happened - most users are reporting that the behavior has resolved and they are no longer having issues, but if you are and you haven’t already - please do file a bug report. Its the fastest and most efficient way to make us aware of an issue!

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