Spell Check Your App

Is there any way to spell-check your entire app for text fields, etc. that you might have inadvertently screwed up?

I’m not talking about spell-checking input fields for the user - there seem to be some plugins that will do that, but more something to go through the countless text elements where I could have missed something?

What about just passing the pages through GPT or something like that?

The trouble is there are workflows, conditional texts, multiple popups and other text distributed throughout the app, making it next to impossible to push everything into something like ChatGTP.

The most effective way I’ve found so far is to export the app, drop that into Word and run a spelling and grammar check. It works, but it’s arduous and impossible to tell how effective it is, as the app comes to over 10,000 pages (that’s not a typo) and the process of ignoring thousands of different machine IDs (e.g. cMgr02 and cGaKO, etc.) takes a very very long time.

I’m pleased to say I found some spelling mistakes, so that’s a win, but it would be great if I could just export all the text or something and go through that.

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Good points, would be great to see a plugin or something to solve this! 10k pages is wild!