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Split text into a list with a line break - help

Is there a way to split up the list in the email I am generating with line breaks?
I read here Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs

:split by…
Returns a List of Texts version of the original string of text, using the argument as the separator between the items. Using a line_break separator will recognize each new line as a separate entry.

…but I cannot get it to work - the list comes out in one big blob. please help

That looks right to me (by default, lists are displayed with a comma delimiter on the same line)…

How would you prefer the list to be displayed?

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Hi Adam, well I want the list to be separated on to different lines but as you can see from the email screen shot they are just all scrunched together.

Also - whether i put in the line_break or not it has no impact on the email generated so it ain’t doing anything. thanks

Yeah, I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do with the “split by line_break” to be honest…

In any case, just use Format As Text on the original list, and use a line break (i.e. just press enter) as the delimiter.

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Hi Adam,
Thanks for that suggestion. It didn’t work I must be doing something wrong. Here is what the output is after I tried to make your suggested change:

This is what I changed:

To explain a bit more - right now the output in the emails is like this:

But my desired output is something like this, something readable:

Any suggestions for me? thanks

Yeah sorry, I should have explained more fully (obviously you also need to define the content to show for each list item, in the top box)…

So, you need to use Search for Ideas: format as text

Then put the text you want to show in the “Content To Show Per List Item” box (i.e. This Idea's idea-email-subject), and press enter for the delimiter.


Thank you thank you!
Your solution not only solved the formatting issue but also enabled me to add the Idea’s submitter email and other details. That was a whole other issue I had to solve so you killed two birds with one stone. Thanks again.

For anyone that wants to see what it looks like here it is:

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Perfect :slight_smile:

Is there any situation where pressing enter wouldn’t work that you know of? When I press enter it doesn’t work then when I open the settings again the carriage return is removed.