[SOLVED] How to make lists legible in email

Hi - I am trying to produce a dynamically generated list in an email that gets sent out to users.

The email and list generate correctly. But the lists are illegibly formatted, as they list the items in run-on fashion, like this:


How do I get it to read:


I would use the ‘join with’ function if I knew how to insert a carriage return but entering ‘enter/return’ makes Bubble think you have entered ‘nothing’. Open to other solutions.

Thanks very much for the help!


Hi there – any advice on this?

Many thanks,

Please reproduce the situation in the forum app or open your app. Otherwise it’s a bit to theoritical.


Thank you - I’ve made a demo version of the issue on the forum app.

You can see it here: https://forumapp3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/legible_list?debug_mode=true

The EDIT page is here: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=legible_list&id=forumapp3&tab=tabs-1

Thanks very much for the help!


We just added that feature actually (well, in one hour or so). If you use ‘line_break’ as a delimiter, that will do this. Deploying now.


Hooray! Will check it out. Thank you.


Worked like a charm! Thank you for adding this feature!


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Hi, so this works well… for 1 line_break.

Can you please enable multiple line_breaks?

If you enable more join with’s [e.g. join with ‘line_break’ join with ‘line_break’ join with…

The possibilities are endless. If we ‘join’ lots of times in one expression, the possibilities really open up!

Right now the editor only allows 1 ‘join with’. If this is a quick fix, could you please push it out? Would really appreciate it :smile: .



@scriptschool I added @emmanuel. Can we use it in List Element also?

I’m wondering if there is a solution for enabling multiple line_breaks for text lists. I could use a few more “join with” but can’t seem to find a way to do it.

So the list would look like this:





I can only achieve a list formatted like:


For items with a lot of text, it’s difficult to read through the formatting.

One thing I’ve since started doing is to ‘join with’ a code such as FOI12292 or some other code that would never appear in the real list… and then ‘find and replace’ that code with two line breaks.

It’s silly and I don’t know why the Bubble team doesn’t just add the option to join with more than 1 line_break, but since they didn’t I used this hack instead.

Hope this helps!

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That’s a great workaround. Thanks for sharing!

Does this still work for you? I’ve not been able to successfully reproduce your method and I’m wondering if something broke this hack.

Hey everyone… just reading this, I have a solution to the multiple line break question. I have defined some AppText(?) elements:
CR - just one Carriage Return
CRx2 - two Carriage Returns
Then I specify one of these as the “join with” text. Use the second one, and voila!
(If you’re not familiar with the AppText, it is a chunk of text you can define as you make field assignments using the AppText(?) option, and then go and define what that text actually contains in Settings -> Languages.)


Hey @antony, just a quick thanks for your explanation about how we can use AppText(?) elements to input carriage returns as needed. Super helpful!

I appreciate that you took the time to post this little note. Got me out of a jam here.