Splitting numbering text to a list

Hey guys!

There is a question:

There is a text in the form of a numbered list.
It needs to be saved to the database separately for each item (database field - List of texts.)

An example of the text:

  1. text 1.
  2. text 2
  3. text 3

It should be saved in the database separately for each item in the List of texts field.
Any ideas?

3 options…

  1. Run a recursive backend workflow, to create a database entry for each thing in the list

  2. Schedule a backend workflow to run on the list, and create a database entry for each.

  3. Use the Bulk data API action to create the 3 things.

Number 2 is the simplest Option, but number 3 will probably cost less in WU.

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Thank you for your feedback!
I’ll clarify the question:
How do I split the whole text into paragraphs so that I can save each paragraph separately in the database. Which operator should I use?
I tried to use the “split by” operator, but I have no idea.

what do you need it for?

I have some “subtitles” in my app… so I usually have each subtitle divided by “|”, my texts are something like:

This is my first paragraph.|
This is my second.|

Then if I “split by” |, it will result in a list of texts.

For example, you can save it as a text → text1§text2§text3§text4 … and split by “§”, it will result on the list of texts that you need

remember to save it with an “arbitraty text”

Now, if you have a number of texts that varies depending on each situation, you need to do it in another way…

Yeah, you’ll need to use :split by, and split by whatever it is that separates your paragraphs.