Split text and dates up through backend workflow


I’m trying to save multiple items of text separately, which are split by ,

This is my current ‘Schedule API workflow’ setup where I try to split the text up by , :

Although, it just creates two of the same entries…

Then on the backend API workflow I’ve even done the same split by function as in the ‘Schedule API workflow’ step. ie: in the Task Text field.

What do I need to do to split the text up properly by , and save each of the text items separately ?

Please help!

To create a thing for each text in a comma separated list:

Create a backend workflow that takes a text parameter. It creates a Thing using the text parameter.

Schedule API workflow on list (list to run on: The relevant text:split by ,).

So, in summary, each backend workflow takes a text and creates a Thing for that text, so to create a thing for a each in text in a list of texts, you need to schedule an API workflow on a list of texts (that is, Text:split by ,)

@georgecollier Thanks for the response.

I believe I’m currently doing what you’ve mentioned exactly, although it’s still not seeming to split the text up appropriately…

Here’s my scheduled API:

Create new thing backend workflow:

Do I need a backend workflow, or a scheduled API workflow for each item in the list?

So I’ve managed to get the text split by adjusting the dynamic of the ‘Task text’ paramater to ‘This text’!

My only remaining problem is the ‘Task date’ (which is of type ‘date’) isn’t being collected. I currently have javascript running that collects the date from text, then sends the date value to the below JS2Bubble C as its value list:

Knowing that my scheduled API workflow is of type ‘text’ (which I don’t think will work with the ‘date’ type date value that I’m wanting) what do I need to do to be able to collect the date values list from JS2Bubble C, and add it to the corresponding ‘Task text’ item that each date belongs to?

I’ve also tried using the :merge with operator, which again, I don’t think will work with the ‘date’ type value that I’m wanting, with the ‘text’ type the ‘Schedule api workflow’ expects…

Any ideas anyone please?

Any insights are really appreciated! Thanks