Spotify Connect issue - no api call is being made

Hi - I’m a bit new to Bubble so bear with me!
I’m creating an app where I’d like to search and return spotify tracks, but when I set up the repeating group, nothing seems to happen (and I can see on my spotify developers page that no api calls seem to have been made). What am I doing wrong here?

  • I’ve added the client id and secret to the plugin page

  • I set up the repeating group with a “Search Tracks Item - SpotifyCONNECT” type of content and a data source “SpotifyCONNECT - Search’s tracks” with API Provider “SpotifyCONNECT - Search” and set up the params (I’ve mostly left them as default and tried the query both as a search tied to an input box or even just inputting a search term directly in the param box, but neither seems to work)

No results seem to come back, and as far as I can tell the api call isn’t even being made. Not sure what to try next!

Is this a plugin, or are you using the API connector?

@NigelG It’s the SpotifyCONNECT plugin.

@vnihoul77 - you were able to help with this plugin before here: Spotify connect trouble - any chance you could help out now?

Can you send a link to your editor so I can take a look?

@vnihoul77 I’m a bit new to Bubble :slight_smile: Is it just the link I see when I’m editing the page, or do I have to share it with you some way in the app?

Yes, you can just send the link of the editor! Then in the Settings > General switch “Private app” to “Everyone can view”

Ok, thanks! Here:
The repeating group with the spotifyconnect plugin is at the bottom of this page.

My guess is that you will need to “log in with social network” rather than bubble’s own auth. And use the Spotify authorisation. That way your app is connected to spotify.

As @NigelG said, unfortunately, you will have to make your user login with his Spotify account before.
This happens because the plugin is intended to work for advanced functions too (as resume the user player, access his data…)

Here’s an example of a working solution:

I hope it help

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Thank you!! That definitely clarifies things a lot.

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