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Spread API list in RG rows


I am working on the following app. But, I have limited API knowledge.

Basically, I am fetching data through API and I get this list of team names. However, I can get the data as a list only. I would like each element of that list to be an element in each row of the RG (i.e. Rangers in first row, Celtic in second row, etc.). How can I do that_

thank you,

Can you share API endpoint doc?

hey @Jici thanks for the reply

sure. this is a tutorial for getting the standings of the football league, while here is another documentation on the topic. thanks again

I will use the first one.
First, you need to use DATA for the type in API connector, not Action.

If you wan’t to display standing, you will need to set the RG to the type of the list you want to display. It will look like apiendpointname’s data’s standings Data probably
The team name will be available with something like Current celle data’s team_name
If you really wan’t to display the RG using a list of team_name only field, you should set the data type of RG to “Text” and You will use in data source apiendpointname’s data’s standings Data’s team_name and set the text element to “Current cell text”

If you have a RG you wan’t to use to display standing, don’t hesitate to share your current Settings

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