SQL conection sintax

I am having a sintaxe problem and could not find a way to make the SQL conector api works

could not bring the result for my repeating group … not using workflow to bring it!!!

Try this:

select * from table2 where descricaodoitem like ? limit 50;

$1 deesc type text test value %%

If that works when you press “Update Query Types” in the SQL DB connector, then you should be all good. When you define your repeating group and specify Izzo2 as the data source, just enter %% (no quotes) to pass that string as a parameter.

Joey in this way it is bringing all cells from database … it is not filtering by input data.

Oh, I thought that’s what you wanted. %% is the wildcard in SQL syntax, so it’s getting everything.

The syntax is now correct, so you should be able to go back to the way you originally defined your data source. Pass your input field’s value as the parameter to the SQL connector and the SQL will return only what is like “”.

Sorry to bother you and i apreciate your support in advance…
but nothing yet … in this way no results on the repeting group !!!

Check that if i describe the query as in SQL it brings the right records , but i could not find the sintaxe to transfer the parameter to the query

teste using SQL sintaxe:

I see what you’re trying to do now.

When you pass the parameter, you can pass a combination of characters and dynamic values. So try to put a single % followed by the input value followed by %. So it would look like

%Input input’s value%

Let me know if that works.

Great …works !!! Tks a lot !!!

Great! Please mark as a solution so others can find and use.