SQL Database Connector - Integer parameter

I’m trying to do this simple SQL query using the SQL Database Connector

But while initializing the query, I receive this error message : SQL Database Connector issue: column "i_actor_id" does not exist

I’ve tried many things : only using ? for variables, adding simple quotes, double quotes, using quotes and a ::integer converter, setting the i_actor_id type to integer, to text …
But nothing is working …

(When using quotes, I have this error : SQL Database Connector issue: invalid input syntax for type integer: "@i_actor_id")

Any idea ?

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So I was having this same issue and came across your post!

I didn’t find anyone had a solutions but what worked for me is removing the “@i_first_name” and “@i_actor_id” and replacing them both with a ?. so it would look like:

UPDATE public.actor
SET first_name = ?
WHERE actor_id = ?

it seems that you have to only use ? and that you have to put them in the order that they used.