SQL Database Connector not working

I’m trying to use the SQL Connector to run a SQL Stored Procedure on a remote Server. It connects to the server fine. I am able to initialize the query if I use 2 ‘integer’ parameters, as below:

But when I change the second parameter to ‘text’, if fails to initialize, returning the error:


It doesn’t seem to matter what I set the variable type in the stored procedure to, but I am looking for it to be varchar(15), as below. But only works with variable types of ‘int’.


Any help to understand why I can’t set the parameter to anything but ‘int’?

Spent the entire day trying to trace this down (12 hours and got nowhere), and very little documentation to properly understand the options with this Connector. But I thought I had it working using varchar and other types months ago. Maybe something changed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The team is working on it and it should be okay ‘within the month’ There were some troubles with a proper handling of UTF-8, at first.

I hope they will succeed asap, one of my projects is on hold because of this.

Thanks for the reply/info. Would be helpful if they had a bug tracking system that we could access to help inform users of open known issues. (Maybe there is and I’m not aware of it?). Would have saved me a whole day of wasted time. Thanks again for the info!

Basically, when you failed to connect to your SQL Server, the issue could be:

  1. Network issue,

  2. SQL Server configuration issue.

  3. Firewall issue,

  4. Client driver issue,

  5. Application configuration issue.

  6. Authentication and logon issue.

Here you can get the more info. cartoon hd app

Thanks, but I know it connects and works, as it worked previously, and will work if I only use types other than text. Hopefully a bug that will be fixed soon, as @eftomi pointed out.

SQL Connector works again without any problems - at least according to my testing :slight_smile:

Many thanks to the Bubble team for taking care!

Thanks for the message! Seems to be working again on my end!
Issue I have, not sure if it happens to you, it constantly goes back up to the top of the page after entering data into fields, while defining the parameters. Annoying, but has always worked this way for me. Would be good if @Emmanuel could check why this happens.

Yes, it’s happening to me, too. If you jump with the mouse (move focus) from one input field to another. It helps if you firstly click outside of the input box that you are using and then on the next one … I guess it depends from the browser, it behaves better in Chrome - but I hate Chrome :slight_smile:

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