Square Brackets "[ ]" in Parameter Name API Workflow

I am attempting to retrieve the data that will be sent to my API Endpoint via webhook. The response I will receive is something like this:

http://my_url.com?id=1234&content[text]=Sample Text

My API Endpoint is triggered by the Get Method. I can easily retrieve the ID, but my problem lies in retrieving the content. This is because the API Workflow does not allow me to enter square brackets in the parameter name. Therefore, I cannot declare “content[text]” as the parameter name. I need your help in finding a workaround for my problem.

I attempted to use external services, such as Pipedream, to capture the data and then trigger a Post Request to my Bubble API. It works, but my only issue is that the free plan limits me to 25 API responses per day. I wish to achieve this functionality natively within Bubble without relying on any external services. Thank you for assisting me.

You need to encode them content%5Btext%5D=
Another option is to set the key and the value in param like =[content]
and in the value set content[text]=sample text

Finally, the last option if this is not a GET or delete request, is to use the body (raw)

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I tried this one but I’m getting error



Sorry but I don’t understand this, I can’t put it in the parameter name because of square bracket


Sorry was thinking you was calling API from API connector. Not a backend WF API.
There’s more limitation in backend WF for this. Possible to change to a post request? From where are you sending this payload?
Another option could make a GET request with API Connector in backend WF using the ID you get

Is this something achievable in Backend API WF?

I’m new to bubble and api, are you suggesting that I need to change it to Post Method? Is that possible if I am getting URL response instead of JSON?

So the general workflow is something like this:

External Service => Event is Triggered => Send a URL Response to My Webhook (Backend API Workflow Get Method) => Save the data to Bubble DB

What is the external service?

The External Service I’m talking about is the one that sending me the URL Response in the Webhook I provided to them, in my case the API WF Endpoint that is triggered by Get Method.

My question is what is the name of this service?
You cannot configure square bracket in key for get request. With Post, if sent as application/x-www-form-urlencoded it will work. But the external service may not let you do that. But if you receive the ID, you can focus on that, use API connector if the external service have an API endpoint that you can use to call and retrieve the webhook payload with API connector.

Sorry, I’ll try to wrap up my head.

So it’s not possible in Backend API Workflow right?

The problem is they don’t provide webhook payload, only the URL Response and is only triggered by GET method, when I use POST Method they are getting warning like this:

Do they provide an API? if you can tell what is the service you are using and send link to documentation, we will probably be able to help you more.

This one, I need to receive incoming message from viber

I’ve already answered a question about the same case here: How to parse nested data from a query string? - #5 by yamada.shoji99

I will check it out

Sorry again, but the one you sent is using sms api what I’m trying to get is the viber message from their viber service.

Doesn’t seem to have similar endpoint to get data for Viber tx. This is strange. You may need to use a third party in this case like make.com or zapier

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try using arbitrary text

Screen Shot 2024-04-09 at 4.43.15 PM

Hello, thank you for the help. I’m not really sure how to do your suggestion. I am receiving the data via my API Endpoint by using paramater names in API WF.

Sorry what I suggested is not possible with what you are trying to do. I was not aware you were needing to put the brackets into the key name value.