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Square Payments

Is there a way to take Square payments on Bubble and charge the user a dynamic amount, for example, the total cart value.


Anyone have a solution to this issue?

You’d probably have to setup their API using the api connector or possibly even create a plugin (which requires some knowledge of coding).

Why Square? (Which is to say: What’s wrong with Stripe?)

Nothing. It’s just that Square also have POS, and is more convenient.

Who wants to create a plugin for that? Lol I have no clue

Doubtful anyone would want to do that. Square simply isn’t as flexible (doesn’t support cool stuff like subscriptions, etc., not really designed as an API-first solution and the docs are pretty sucky).

Their REST payments API doesn’t have anything to do with their POS, so, there’s nothing interesting or useful there.

Seriously suggest not bothering with this. You really need to try Stripe and see how generally awesome it is.


Sounds good! Thanks for all the help! Happy Holidays!

@johnny, I’m looking at doing a Square payment integration. I was wondering if you ever went down this route.

I’m pretty comfortable with APIs, and I’m thinking of building it within a plugin to make it easier for others. However, if you implemented or tried to implement Square, I would appreciate any feedback on the experience or hurdles you faced.

I have implemented Stripe for another client, but this client already uses square for in-person payments.

Thank you!

Hey @cowles.cj,

I didn’t, I just used Stripe. But I’d imagine that it’s not too hard to impliment.

Smart, I would pick Stripe too if I had a choice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply!

No problem! I just took a glance at the Square API developer’s documentation and it doesn’t look too difficult depending on what you want to do

Curious, did you ever pursue the Square integration?

No, I moved to using their hosted checkout. However, even then, I got stuck on an error for generating their hosted checkout links. It was very basic issues but I found their documentation not very helpful when building it, even if on the surface it looked good.

At the end my requirements didn’t really need a dynamic link generator so I moved on to static links.

I’m building a marketplace for virtual tasting experiences and my vendors are labelled as high risk by Stripe. Square seems to work with alcohol vendors much more easily. Do you think it’s possible/reasonable to create a marketplace implementation of Square’s API in Bubble?

Hey @bradley.dewet

That wasn’t needed in my use case. I just quickly looked at their API documentation/ google search and didn’t see anything supporting it.

Have you looked at the following? I personally would think their integration process might also be easier.

I haven’t used either one, but I was looking at using Adyen before using Stripe and thought on the surface that their documentation was at a similar level to Stripe.

Oh course I see it after I sent my response :slight_smile:

They have Merchants API Overview which would allow you to facilitate the payment for another Square account after they have given you permission via Oauth (similar to Stripe’s Standard integration). Then when you create the payment you add “app fee”. I’m guessing you use the Oauth token of the seller instead of your account’s auth. Within Stripe you have one auth and just add the seller, but I don’t see anything within the payments API to tag the seller account.

However, this is where I ran into issues with them, as it looks ok the surface but the documentation is quite shallow so you run into these types of questions pretty quick. Compare this to Adyen which has a whole area just for this. Adyen for Platforms | Adyen Docs

If anyone is interested in using Square to process their payments they can try the Square Checkout plugin: Square Checkout Plugin | Bubble