SSL certificate warning in browser

Hello! I just published my first app ever with my own domain ( , hosted in a 3rd party provider). I do have a ssl certificate for the domain in question BUT when I open the site in any browser I will get the warning about the site not being safe.
In firefox I get more info, where it says that the certificate for the site is from bublle (cloudflare). Is this something I need to correct on my host or with bubble?
Thank you for any help.

Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I’ve been encountering this same problem on some networks but not all.

In Bubble itself, there is no option to influence the SSL certificate. If you have recently linked your domain, give it 24 hours to connect everything. Usually, everything works properly after 24 hours.

Hi! Yes I did, with help from the Bubble support. The problem was that in my host there were some AAA registers in the DNS that were from the Host. Not quite sure how to explain the problem but what I did is that I deleted all AAA register in the DNS settings and then added the AAA settings I got from bubble. There were some IP6 DNS settings created by my host automatically, I deleted those as well and then problem solver after a few hours. Good luck.