SSL Error Message: This site can't provide a secure connection

Some users are getting the following error messages when they try to access my app:
Message 1: This site can’t provide a secure connection
Message 2: This site could be risk. This site might compromise your device…

Looks like an SSL issue, so I contacted the company I bought my domain from (Godaddy). But they said this is not their problem because the site is hosted by Bubble who is responsible for the SSL. I’ll appreciate it if anyone can help me figure out how to fix this.

Screenshots of the error:

Hi @darrenchapin129,

I just loaded onto your website and it loaded fine for me.

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Thanks Johnny. I tried it a few times and didn’t get the issue either. But it’s just a couple of people that had the issue and brought it to my attention. I’ll monitor the situation and see if its widespread or continues. Thanks!

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