Start Bubble agency

Hi I’m looking to build an bubble agency here in middle east , I have 2 Pro bubble developer

but I’m still didn’t get the steps and I have a lot of question :blush:

1- does the client pay a monthly fee for his app or website if it’s get published , and if the answer is yes , is there anyway to not making him pay ? espically if it was an app mobile
, and if the answer is no
how much he’ll pay ?

2- is the right way to calculate to price that the client should pay is by Calculate the costs of the application, such as plugins, etc., and then add my profit?
Or is there another way to calculate?

3 - does anyone know is there’s any course or youtube video of how to start a bubble agency ?

4 - what’s the stpes to deliver the project for the client

5 -Is there something important that I should pay attention to?

6 - how much cost to start bubble agency

thank for your time , have a nice day :heart_eyes: :blush:

Hi there. Think I can help you out a little bit. I have been running a web agency for more than 20 years now and nothing beats experience when it comes to pricing.

Most agencies when they first start will try it determine the cost of building something then add on some level of profit. Which is what you are asking here it seems.

I actually did this myself for many years before realizing that some clients can’t afford me and other clients were willing to pay me much more than I asked for. It wasn’t until many years later that I learned about value based pricing.

With value based pricing you charge based on the value you build for the client, not just on the cost of building the thing.

For example, if a card dealership wants a time tracker for their employees… they are unlikely to spend 10k on it because its a cost center. So they don’t see the value in it and will probably end up using an off the shelf SAAS app.

On the other hand, if someone wants you to build an app that is the primary Sales app that does car selection and configuration for VIP customers who are all buying Ferraris, then you can easily charge them 50k because you can tell them that this app could potentially help them increase Sales by 20% for a business that might generate 20m a year. So to spend 50k to make $4m is a no brainer (20% of $20m).

This way of thinking about pricing lets you be flexible with clients you WANT to work with as well and makes it easy to figure out what kinds of clients you should be going for. For example, a local mosque wants a prayer time tracker and you can build it, but they can’t justify the spend.

I just touched the surface on value based pricing. Google “Chris Do value based pricing” to learn more.

You asked a lot of other questions that can’t really be answered here with a few lines of reply.

DM me if you want to spend some more time with me. I’m in Vancouver, Canada.


that’s great I really appreciate your time , and sure yes I really need a lot information
if you have time

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