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Start date, End date recurring loop insert in database

Hi All,
Please guide me for best approach using bubble.
I am using a form which is having Start and End Date and a drop down from where we select month or day of a month.
Example: Start date 5/Jan/2021 and End Date 5/Nov/2021 from drop down 5th of every month.

what i want is : this entry is saved in a abc table and my requirement is other dates calculated according to start and end date with each month of 5th should be saved in separate table like

so on till

Thank you Please help me out for best approach to calculate these dates accordingly

Hey @jagdeepsinghphull :wave:

There are a few different plugins out there. This one worked pretty easily when I tested it out. Check it out: Recurring Date Scheduler Plugin | Bubble

These might also work: Calendar Dates Generator Plugin | Bubble

Or: 1T - List of Dates Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank @J805 I’ll try if i struck will ping you thank so much.

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Hi @J805
one you mentioned is creating calendar and other one is recurring date scheduler.
what my requirement is those dates i want to enter into separate table.

Thank you

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Hey @jagdeepsinghphull

So, once you get the list of dates, you can send it to the backend workflows so you can create a new thing for each date. Is that what you are looking to do?

Hope that helps a bit. :blush: Does that make sense?

Thanks @J805 I’ll Try

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